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Defiant Ones (access required)

As coercion tools go, civil contempt is one of the most effective. The prospect of doing time down at the local jail is enough to convince most people to obey the court. But every now and then a judge runs ...

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Domestic Relations – Civil Practice – Appeals – Temporary Order – Possession of Marital Home – Contempt (access required)

Terry v. TerryA notice of appeal from a temporary family court order does not, standing alone, operate to stay the effect or enforcement of the order. A temporary order of the family court is without prejudice to the rights of the parties; by definition, such an order neither decides any issue with finality nor affects a substantial right within the meaning of S.C. Code Ann. § 14-4-330(2).

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Criminal Practice – Contempt – Cursing at Judge (access required)

U.S. v. Peoples The 4th Circuit upholds a criminal contempt conviction for a plaintiff who lingered in the courtroom to curse and complain about the judge who had just dismissed his civil rights case for his repeated late appearances in court, but reverses his summary contempt conviction for showing up late for his contempt trial.

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