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Intellectual Property – Copyright Infringement – Predicate Act Doctrine – Civil Practice – Personal Jurisdiction – Tort/Negligence — Conversion (access required)

Tire Engineering & Distribution LLC v. Shandong Linglong Rubber Co. Ltd. The 4th Circuit upholds a $26 million verdict for a Florida-based designer and distributor of underground mining tires; the district court properly exercised personal jurisdiction over a company domiciled in the United Arab Emirates and a Chinese manufacturer who conspired in Virginia with a former employee of plaintiff to manufacture tires from plaintiff’s blueprints, and defendants are not entitled to a new trial on damages even though the appellate court threw out some of plaintiff’s claims.

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Insurance – CGL – Advertisement – Photograph – Intellectual Property – Copyright Infringement – Architectural Plans – Completed House (access required)

Builders Mutual Insurance Co. v. Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc. The commercial general liability policy that the plaintiff-insurer provided to its insured contractor afforded coverage for copyright infringement in the contractor’s advertisements; however, the underlying action between the defendant-architect and the insured contractor was based on copyright infringement through the contractor’s construction of a house. 17 U.S.C. § 120 exempts photographs of copyrighted architectural works, such as the photograph of the completed building on the contractor’s website.

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