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Doing well by doing good (access required)

Increasingly in America, entrepreneurialism is about more than just making money. More and more businesses are trying to meld their pursuit of profit with a mission to make the world a better place. This trend has spurred the creation of ...

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Real Property – Tort/Negligence – Constructive Trust – Corporate — Mortgages – Foreclosure – Lis Pendens (access required)

Carolina Park Associates, LLC v. Marino The same people were involved in two companies: (1) CDM of Charleston, LLC (CDM), which held a second mortgage on the Carolina Park real estate development and (2) MDC of Charleston, LLC (MDC), which was a member of the limited liability company that owned Carolina Park (Carolina Park Associates, LLC).

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Corporate – Shareholder Suit – Direct vs. Derivative – Banks & Banking – Receivership (access required)

Bowen v. Houser Even though shares of stock are the personal property of the plaintiff-shareholders, and even though any decrease in the market value of the shares is a direct loss to each shareholder’s personal property, a decrease in the value of all outstanding stock is in no way “separate” or “distinct” from the harm to the corporation that causes such a decrease.

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