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Criminal Practice – Evidence – Witness Impeachment – 1987 Manslaughter Convictions – Harmless Error – CSC with a Minor (access required)

State v. Black The trial court erred when it admitted evidence of a defense witness’s 1987 manslaughter convictions for which he was imprisoned until 1993. These convictions did not rest on dishonest conduct and are not particularly probative of the specific trait of truthfulness. Nevertheless, the error was harmless.

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Criminal Practice – CSC with a Minor – Evidence – S.C. Homeland Security Act – Wiretapping by Parent – Vicarious Consent – First Impression – Forensic Interview (access required)

State v. Whitner Since the minor victim’s mother acted in good faith when she recorded the victim’s telephone conversations with defendant, the recordings were admissible under the S.C. Homeland Security Act.

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