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Tag-team experts (access required)

In sports, it’s called an assist. The player with the ball or puck isn’t quite in the right position to score, so they pass it off to a teammate to make the shot. The point wouldn’t happen at all unless ...

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Tort/Negligence – Products Liability – Automatic Doors – Personal Injury — Documentary Evidence – Insufficient (access required)

Morris v. Dorma Automatics, Inc. After failing to timely name an expert witness, plaintiff also failed to produce sufficient documentary evidence to show the defendants’ automatic doors had a manufacturing defect. Plaintiff’s documentary evidence consisted of repair orders, which were not specific enough to show they related to the same problem that plaintiff had identified as the cause of her injury.

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It’s not easy being an expert these days (access required)

Tort reform and the stagnating economy have taken a toll on the expert business, though not necessarily to the extent some might expect. “With tort reform hitting hard in a lot of states, we’re seeing a big push towards mass tort work by the plaintiff’s bar,” said Eric Eckhardt, head of development and sales for Pennsylvania-based Robson Forensics. “So for example, if plaintiff’s lawyers can’t try a case effectively in Texas, they’re moving towards trying cases nationally. They’re networking with other plaintiff’s lawyers to get the payout.”

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