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Criminal Practice — Grand Larceny & Murder – Circumstantial Evidence – Review Standard – Search & Seizure – Arrest Warrant – Omitted Information (access required)

State v. Lynch (Lawyers Weekly No. 011-031-15, 22 pp.) (James Lockemy, J.) Appealed from Lexington County Circuit Court (Eugene Griffith Jr., J.) S.C. App. Holding: As proof of grand larceny, the state presented multiple witnesses who testified that victim Portia ...

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Criminal Practice – Grand Larceny – Motor Vehicles – Value – 2010 Statutory Amendment – Owners’ Testimony (access required)

State v. Brown Defendant stole two cars when the minimum value of stolen goods needed to support a grand larceny conviction was $1,000; however, by the time he was tried, the minimum value had been raised to $2,000. The trial court correctly applied the version of the statute that was in effect at the time of the crime.

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