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Aug 21, 2023

Lawsuit threatens Biden immigration policy

WASHINGTON — Valerie Laveus remembers when she first heard about an immigration program designed to allow people to come to the U.S. from four countries, including her native Haiti. “I said, ‘Whoa! This seems like it would work well for bringing my nephew and my brother into the country,'” said the Florida teacher, who received […]

Aug 9, 2023

Judge denies request to block law making it a crime to drive people in the US illegally

ORLANDO, Fla. — Civil rights groups asked a federal judge Tuesday to stop Florida officials from enforcing a section of a new state immigration law that criminalizes transporting someone who has entered the United States unlawfully. But the jurist denied the request immediately on a technicality. The portion of the law known as Section 10 […]

Jul 25, 2023

US sues Texas over Rio Grande barrier

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Justice Department is suing Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott over a floating barrier that the state placed on the Rio Grande to stop migrants from entering the U.S. The lawsuit filed Monday asks a court to force Texas to remove a line of bright orange, wrecking ball-sized buoys that the Biden administration says raises humanitarian and environmental concerns. The buoys [...]

Apr 24, 2023

Immigration – Civil Practice – Mootness – Visa Reinstatement

During the course of this litigation, plaintiffs – whose nonimmigrant visas had been revoked by defendant – received new visas of the same type. Consequently, plaintiffs’ claims are moot. We affirm summary judgment for defendant. Also during the course of this litigation, plaintiffs learned that some of their visas had been automatically revoked while others […]

Mar 28, 2023

Supreme Court skeptical of man who offered adult adoptions

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court seemed inclined Monday to rule against a man convicted of violating immigration law for offering adult adoptions he falsely claimed would lead to citizenship. Attorneys for Helaman Hansen told the justices during approximately 90 minutes of arguments that the law he was convicted of violating was too broad. But […]

Jul 6, 2022

Appeals arguments set on immigrants brought to US as kids

By KEVIN McGILL Associated Press NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Immigrant advocates gathered at a federal appeals court in New Orleans on Wednesday in the hope of saving an Obama-era program that prevents the deportation of thousands of people brought into the U.S. as children. A federal judge in Texas last year declared the Deferred Action […]

May 11, 2022

Alien child can seek waiver of removal despite parent’s death 

By Nicholas A. Hurston   The Board of Immigration Appeals, or BIA, erred when it found a petitioner ineligible for waiver of removal because his U.S. citizen father was no longer living, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled.  In an opinion written by Judge Toby J. Heytens and joined by Judges Julius N. […]

Mar 7, 2022

4th Circuit: No rubber-stamp of asylum rejection 

A Guatemalan man seeking asylum will get a review of his case because an immigration judge applied an improper standard when determining whether the man reasonably feared persecution or torture if he were sent back to his home country, a unanimous 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel has ruled in a case of first […]

Oct 20, 2020

Supreme Court to hear case over border wall funding

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear the Trump administration’s appeal of a lower court ruling that it improperly diverted money to build portions of the border wall with Mexico. The high court has previously allowed construction to continue, even after a federal appeals court ruled in June that the administration had […]

Apr 24, 2020

U.S. Supreme Court sides with government in immigration case

The Supreme Court is making it harder for noncitizens who are authorized to live permanently in the United States to argue they should be allowed to stay in the country if they’ve committed crimes. The decision Thursday split the court 5-4 along ideological lines. The decision came in the case of Andre Barton, a Jamaican […]

Jan 16, 2020

Immigration implications when employing an international workforce

By Melissa Azallion (Editor’s note: This is the second installment in a series on business immigration strategies in today’s immigration climate.) Proactively staying apprised of immigration regulations and upcoming changes can help employers in assisting their existing international employees with the task of properly managing immigration issues. Employers with a thorough knowledge and unders[...]

Dec 31, 2019

Immigration: Effective Visa Planning for U.S. Market Entry

By Melissa Azallion and Jonathan Eggert With the current administration’s strict enforcement of immigration regulations, an understanding of the various work visa options and requirements is vital to plan successful business immigration strategies. Importantly, strict enforcement does not mean visa options are unavailable. Businesses continue to routinely utilize immigration strategies to employ[...]

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