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Keyword ‘piracy’ doesn’t violate ethics rules, experts say (access required)

Pirate computer

A couple of Wisconsin personal injury lawyers had the chutzpah to use the last names of rival attorneys for keyword advertising on the Internet. A court decided last month that the enterprising lawyers didn’t violate state privacy law, and experts now say that such a marketing scheme probably doesn’t violate professional rules of conduct governing lawyer advertising, either.

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Jury holds web host liable after site sold counterfeit golf clubs (access required)

A federal jury has awarded damages in a trademark-infringement action against an Internet company for helping to build and host a South Carolina website that sold counterfeit golf clubs. In what lawyers say may be a first nationwide, Roger Cleveland Golf Co., Inc., of Huntington Beach, Calif., won $770,750 in statutory damages against Bright Builders, Inc., of Utah for contributory trademark infringement and unfair trade practices. Internet intermediaries include companies that design websites, host them or provide search and optimization services, said Jeffrey Patterson (pictured), a Columbia lawyer who represented the plaintiff.

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Coach’s Corner: When does a prospect become a client?

When does someone visiting your website, blog or LinkedIn page become a prospective client? This does not seem to be a difficult issue. Everyone that a lawyer meets, including in cyberspace, is a prospective client! To think otherwise is to say you don't believe you have something of value that can help the person reading your material or who is standing in front of you. Of course, if your target audience is not focused on using the Internet and searching the Web on a regular basis, then you likely will not get many new prospects and clients that way.

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