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Tort/Negligence – Invasion of Privacy – Misappropriation of Personality – Business Correspondence – Civil Practice – Statute of Limitations — Contract – Settlement Agreement – Indiana Law – Liquidated Damages (access required)

Insurance Products Marketing, Inc. v. Conseco Life Insurance Co. Despite a settlement agreement that severed the parties’ business ties, defendants have continued to use plaintiffs’ names on their business correspondence. By doing so, defendants may have been taking advantage of plaintiffs’ reputations or the value associated with their names.

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Labor & Employment – FLSA – Donning & Doffing Protective Gear – Changing Clothes – Workers’ Compensation – Wrongful Termination Claims – Tort/Negligence – Invasion of Privacy – Inadvertent (access required)

Atkinson v. House of Raeford Farms, Inc. According to the defendant-employer's longstanding practice and a Fourth Circuit ruling in a similar case, the plaintiff-employees' donning and doffing of protective gear constitutes "changing clothes," and the employer is not required to pay them for the time spent doing it.

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