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Jailhouse lawyer (access required)

A Rock Hill man charged with murder and attempted murder will not only claim self-defense, he will employ self-defense — in court — as his tactic to beat the rap. Yes, 22-year-old Keenan Miller will ignore the sound advice of ...

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Freedom in jail (access required)

County jails and “prison camps” have traditionally held a reputation as places where state inmates can do easy time (notwithstanding “easy time” being a ridiculous notion). Many inmates jump at the chance to serve as trustees at these institutions, which ...

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Well, that escalated quickly (access required)

Seventeen-year-old wisenheimer David Elliott of Georgetown County is facing 30 days in jail for allegedly hitting a teacher in the eye with a paper airplane. The incident occurred at Andrews High School and resulted in a charge of third-degree assault ...

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A catch-all solution (access required)

Corrections officials want to shore up the perimeters of 11 medium- and maximum-security prisons, but not to keep inmates inside. It’s to keep contraband out. The South Carolina Department of Corrections hasn’t had nearly the problem with people hopping the ...

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Ballin’ on a Big House budget (access required)

Just last year, the General Assembly OK’d a $1,500 raise for state prison guards. Sure, South Carolina Department of Corrections officers face the daily threat of verbal abuse, assault and violent uproars, but the minimum hiring requirements are, well, minimal. ...

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