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A tale of two schools

As of late last week, an online petition imploring the owners of Charleston School of Law not to sell it to the InfiLaw group had gained more than 1,000 signatures. But the school’s two majority-holding board members remain steadfast in their commitment to turn it over to a deep-pocketed suitor.

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With law degree’s luster dimmed, a look at how data supports our new view of the JD

The news concerning the job prospects of law school graduates has been relentlessly downbeat, filled with horror stories suggesting that grads at some schools are more likely to get jobs as store clerks than law clerks. But law schools take stock of the career fortunes of alumni only one time, nine months after graduation. After that, you’ll get plenty of anecdotes, but a paucity of hard numbers—and, given the state of the economy, law schools have little incentive to go looking for any.

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