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Legal Malpractice Claim

Jul 17, 2014

McNair Law Firm, shareholder sued for legal malpractice

The third-largest law firm in the state and one of its attorney shareholders are being sued for legal malpractice. The suit alleges that Bob Deeb, a real estate lawyer at the McNair Law Firm’s office in Hilton Head, conspired with a land developer to dispossess five elderly black sisters of beachfront land that had been […]

Aug 22, 2012

Attorneys – Tort/Negligence – Legal Malpractice Claim – Civil Practice – Federal Jurisdiction – Patent Law – Expert Affidavit

Weil v. Killough The plaintiff-client alleges that the defendant-attorney, who also served as the client’s attorney-in-fact, failed to inform the client when the Patent and Trademark Office sent the attorney notice that a 7.5-year maintenance fee was due on the client’s patent.

Aug 16, 2012

Attorneys – Tort/Negligence — Legal Malpractice Claim – Real Property – Closing – Fiduciary Duty – Unfair Trade Practices – Securities

RFT Management Co. v. Tinsley & Adams L.L.P. Since the parties agreed at trial that plaintiff’s legal malpractice claim involved questions of fact that required submission of the claim to a jury, plaintiff may not now complain that it was entitled to judgment as a matter of law on its legal malpractice claim.

Jan 5, 2012

Civil Practice – Federal Jurisdiction – Damages – Attorneys – Legal Malpractice Claim – Real Property – Title Insurance

Fidelity National Title Insurance Co. v. Bernstein According to the plaintiff-title insurer, the defendant-attorney negligently failed to have a prior $200,000 mortgage cancelled or released as part of a real estate closing; later, the bank foreclosed, and the title insurer had to pay $200,000 to satisfy the prior mortgage. Although the foreclosing bank still has the mortgaged properties [...]

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