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Insurance – Life – ERISA – Equitable Claims – Coverage of Ex-Wife (access required)

Israel v. Prudential Insurance Co. of America Plaintiff alleges that his employer’s benefits department informed him (contrary to the plan language) that he could continue to carry life insurance on his wife after their divorce, and defendants continued to accept premium payments after the divorce; nevertheless, defendants denied plaintiff’s claim when his ex-wife died. Plaintiff may be able to make out equitable claims against defendants.

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Insurance – Life – Beneficiary — Domestic Relations – Separation Agreement – Designated Amount (access required)

State Mutual Insurance Co. v. Ard Where a couple’s separation agreement required the husband to maintain his $50,000 life insurance policy for the wife’s benefit, but where the husband failed to name the wife as beneficiary of his life insurance policy, the wife is entitled to $50,000 plus interest from the date of the husband’s death, but the named beneficiary is entitled to the increase in the policy’s value. We affirm the circuit court’s judgment.

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Insurance – Life – Labor & Employment – ERISA – Equitable Relief – Breach of Fiduciary Duty (access required)

McCravy v. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. A bank employee who paid for life insurance for her daughter through her employee benefit plan, but who was denied insurance benefits when her 25-year-old daughter died, has her claim for “equitable relief” for the insurance carrier’s breach of fiduciary duty reconsidered by the 4th Circuit, in light of CIGNA Corp. v. Amara, 131 S. Ct. 1866 (2011).

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Insurance – Life – Waiver of Premium – Disability – ‘Any Work’ – Administrative Review – Unreasonable (access required)

Davis v. Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Co. In concluding that plaintiff was not disabled, the defendant-plan administrator relied on the internally inconsistent report of a doctor who never examined plaintiff, reviewed her medical records, and cherry-picked information that supported the administrator’s position while ignoring the bulk of plaintiff’s medical records.

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