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Marketing whiz (access required)

When it comes to marketing his law firm, Ken Harrell, managing partner of the Joye Law Firm, has tried just about everything. Some campaigns have worked well; others have failed miserably. The trick to making it work is simple, though, says Harrell: Have a lot of money, and know when it’s time to move on to the next idea. The firm advertises its bread-and-butter personal injury practice everywhere — on television, on billboards, in the Yellow Pages and on the Internet.

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Authenticity: An elusive key to successful marketing (access required)

Nobel Prize-winning novelist William Faulkner once wrote: “A person is really three things: who you think you are; who I think you are; and who you think I think you are.” Since none of us have control over how others see us, we believe the quality that makes us the person we are perceived to be is the level of authenticity with which we conduct ourselves in the world.

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Coach’s Corner: Effective rainmaking for women lawyers

Numerous surveys and studies indicate that women are no more than 20 percent of the partners at most large firms, and hold an even smaller percentage of senior firm or practice management positions. One effective way for firms and individual lawyers to broaden this participation is by emphasizing women's career advancement through marketing. While too many lawyers, including women lawyers, believe they are not skilled at marketing, everyone can market effectively if they approach it within their zone of comfort.

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