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Tort/Negligence – Nuisance – Landfill Odors – Corporate – LLC – Related Entities – Punitive Damages

Babb v. Lee County Landfill SC, LLC Even though plaintiffs assert that defendants Republic Services of South Carolina, LLC and Republic Services, Inc. directly control the landfill, which is owned by defendant Lee County Landfill SC, LLC, plaintiffs have failed to show that direct liability exists in South Carolina for non-owning entities who nevertheless directly control a property.

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Tort/Negligence – Punitive Damages — Nuisance – Real Property – Environmental – Subdivision Development – Stormwater Runoff

Hollis v. Stonington Development, LLC Based on defendant’s bullying tactics and regulation-violating conduct that damaged plaintiffs’ land in the amount of $400,000, we reduce the jury’s punitive damages award from $3.5 million to $2 million. Otherwise, we affirm the judgment for plaintiffs.

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Total damages could top $1 billion in Maryland poisoned-property trial

A Baltimore County jury has awarded more than $495 million in compensatory damages to residents who sued Exxon Mobil Corp. over a 2006 gasoline leak. At presstime, jurors were still deliberating how much to award plaintiffs in punitive damages. The jury found Exxon Mobil liable for fraud, negligence, nuisance, strict liability, trespass, diminution of property value, emotional distress and medical monitoring. The emotional distress claim included fear of cancer and other serious diseases and fear of loss of property value.

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