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Score one for the Occupy bunch (access required)

Occupy Wall Street Fawlkes

When it comes to taking on The Man, it seems like Occupy Columbia protesters are having more success at the courthouse than they did at the Statehouse. A federal judge on Feb. 7 ruled that the protesters’ First Amendment lawsuit against Gov. Nikki R. Haley could go forward, despite her contention that governmental immunity shielded her from liability. The occupiers want to make Haley pay for booting them from the state capitol grounds and violating their free speech rights.

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Occupy movement a practice run for next year’s Dem convention (access required)

From the SWAT team raid on protesters in Chapel Hill, N.C., to the sudden crackdown at the State House grounds in Columbia, S.C., to violent riots in California and the clearing of campers at the epicenter of the movement in New York City, the Occupy protest and the government’s pushback is intensifying. Some believe the protests are a preseason tune-up for next year’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte and the Republican National Convention in Tampa. They expect the already-heated Occupy action to be replicated on a much larger scale during the conventions.

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Lawyers play a careful role in Occupy movement (access required)

Lawyers are playing integral roles in the burgeoning Occupy movements around the Carolinas, and their participation is becoming even more important as tensions intensify between government officials and protesters. In Raleigh, a young lawyer is in the midst of an uphill policy battle with state officials who refuse to let protesters hold long-term demonstrations on the capitol grounds. A law school professor in Greensboro trains people to act as legal witnesses for the local occupiers just in case they have police trouble. In Charleston, a seasoned attorney camps with protesters and helps them build a rapport with city representatives.

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