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Personal Injury

Aug 12, 2011

Personal injury lawyers win ‘all-or-nothing’ case 

A pair of Camden attorneys recently won millions in a personal injury case after rejecting a low ball settlement offer and overcoming a lack of medical evidence to prove the cause of their client’s life-altering disability. William S. Tetterton of the Tetterton Law Firm and co-counsel Vincent A. Sheheen, a partner at Savage, Royall & Sheheen, represented a father of two who began having d[...]

Jul 1, 2011

Tort/Negligence – Personal Injury – Auto Accident – Passenger – Driver’s Speeding – Proximate Cause

Black v. Cayia Plaintiff William Black was a passenger in the vehicle defendant Knox was driving when defendant Cayia admittedly failed to yield the right of way when she turned left into Knox’s lane, causing the two vehicles to collide. The evidence shows that, even if Knox were traveling 45 mph in a 35-mph zone, this was not a “but for” cause of the accident. We affirm summary [...]

Jul 1, 2011

Landlord/Tenant – Personal Injury – Townhouse Defect – Handrail – Notice – Other Handrail Failures

Salek v. Nirenblatt, Nirenblatt & Hoffman The plaintiff-tenant showed that there had been some problems with handrails in other townhomes at his complex, but he failed to show that there were enough such problems to give the defendant-landlord notice of a problem with the handrail in plaintiff’s townhome. We affirm summary judgment for the landlord.

Jun 10, 2011

Baltimore lawyer conducts drive for new clients

When it comes to marketing, Steven H. Heisler can say he's literally gone the extra mile. A parking pad behind Heisler's eponymous downtown Baltimore office is the resting place of what has been dubbed "The Injury Lawmobile," an SUV covered in a giant advertisement for his law firm. "It's a mobile billboard," he said.

Jun 3, 2011

Personal Injury – Expert Witness – Telephone Deposition – Travel Expenses

James v. S.C. Dept. of Transportation Where the SCDOT failed to seek a court order when an expert witness did not agree to a telephonic deposition, the Circuit Court improperly considered the expert's refusal as the sole basis for denying a reasonable sum for his travel time and expenses. We reverse and remand.

May 19, 2011

Tort/Negligence – Personal Injury – Civil Practice – Discovery – Confidentiality – In Camera Review – Foster Children

N.G. ex rel. Gaymon v. South Carolina Department of Social Services Even though S.C. Code Ann. § 63-7-1990 generally prohibits disclosure of documents falling within its scope, it does allow disclosure to "parties to a court proceeding in which information in the records is legally relevant and necessary for the determination of an issue before the court, if before the disclosure the jud[...]

Apr 18, 2011

Tort/Negligence – Personal Injury – Tractor-Trailer Collision – Passenger’s Exit – Slip & Fall

Wright v. Prieto (Lawyers Weekly No. 002-013-11, 8 pp.) (Cameron McGowan Currie, J.) D.S.C. Holding: It is for the jury to decide whether it was foreseeable that, after defendant’s tractor-trailer collided with plaintiff’s, plaintiff would hurriedly exit his tractor-trailer, and slip and fall while doing so. Defendants’ motion for summary judgment is denied.

Mar 25, 2011

$4.4 million verdict over power line that stayed live after crash

An Upstate teen who emerged unhurt from a single-vehicle wreck only to suffer electrocution when he touched a downed power line has won a $4.4 million verdict against Duke Power Co. in a negligence suit. A Greenville County jury awarded actual damages to plaintiff Xavier Massey on March 11 in Massey v. Duke Power Co., civil action No. 2009-CP-23-7220. Judge Robin Stilwell pre-sided in the Greenvil[...]

Mar 17, 2011

$1.65M pretrial settlement reached in Wadmalaw Island wreck

A Lowcountry man who suffered severe injuries to his left arm in a 2009 auto collision has settled for $1.65 million in mediation over alleged reckless driving - and he did it without ever filing a complaint. In pre-litigation negotiations, lawyers for plaintiff James Fallon worked out the details of the settlement almost two years after Fallon was in a wreck on Wadmalaw Island in Charleston Count[...]

Feb 18, 2011

Tort/Negligence – Truck Collision – Personal Injury – Damages

Curtis v. Blake. Although the jury awarded plaintiff 100 times more in damages than he incurred in medical expenses, the verdict was supported by evidence of other damages -- lost wages, pain, and an inability to . . .

Feb 7, 2011

Tort/Negligence – Personal Injury – Premises Liability – Store Aisle – Protruding Box

Virgilio v. PetSmart, Inc. According to plaintiff, he tripped on a box that was protruding into the defendant-store's aisle from underneath a table. Both the table and the protruding box were covered by a . . .

Feb 4, 2011

Plaintiff who lost hand in farm accident settles for $650,000

A Marion County man who suffered the loss of his hand while using a mechanical corn picker has settled a products liability lawsuit for $650,000. Nathan Hughey of Mount Pleasant said his client, Donnie Larrimore, agreed to the settlement on Jan. 4, more than four years after the September 2006 accident.

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