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Show guns

According to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the agency issued more than 41,000 new concealed weapon permits last year. But it’s not the guns you can’t see that worry some in law enforcement, it’s the ones that you can. ...

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No Sidebar?! (access required)

We here at Sidebar are generally not fond of things that aim to eliminate sidebar, but upon closer inspection of a recent headline, the proposition of a federal judge in Iowa seems to be more juror-friendly than Sidebar-detrimental. As reported ...

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Ban lifted

Good initiative, bad judgment. That old Marine Corps saying could perhaps be applied to Columbia’s City Council regarding its July 9 weapons ban affecting the 250-foot area surrounding the State House. A day after South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson ...

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Like a cheap suit (access required)

It’s a relatively common practice for inmates to clog prison toilets and flood cell blocks by flushing toilet paper, books or other belongings down the penitentiary john, but according to officials in Arizona, a prisoner there is clogging the dockets ...

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