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Growing Up Galati (access required)

Businesses and employers hire people all the time, and it’s not always easy to find the right person for the job. And when the job is murder, there’s usually a good chance things will end badly. In what has to ...

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With a name like Outlaw… (access required)

He didn’t rob a stagecoach. He’s not a renowned gambler and gunfighter. To Sidebar’s knowledge, he’s not wanted dead or alive. But make no mistake: He’s an outlaw. Christopher Outlaw, that is, a 46-year-old embezzler from Moore, South Carolina, who ...

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Ghost thruster (access required)

Slip-and-falls are a common occurrence and quite a familiar claim to tort lawyers. There are wet floors, banana peels and similar perils. But claims of angry ghosts violently shoving clients to the deck in law-firm lobbies have to be fewer ...

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Mastering new domains (access required)

Whether it’s tacking esquire onto the end of your name or using your knowledge of the law to help (or lord over) laymen, being a lawyer has its perks. Now one more benefit can be added to that list – owning exclusive virtual real estate.

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My bar exam was harder than yours (access required)

Any lawyer who passed the bar in California or New York will insist that those two states have the most difficult bar exams. But, do they? Associate Professor Robert Anderson of Pepperdine University School of Law attempted to answer this ...

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Best in class (access required)

There’s more than one way to rank a law school. While some live and die by the U.S. News & World Report numbers, that list doesn’t take into account every aspect of the law school experience. Those who wonder which ...

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