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Most corporate social media policies flunk the test (access required)

Workplace strife is increasingly boiling over into the realms of social media. But when employees rant about their bosses on Facebook and badmouth the companies they work for on Twitter, what are the repercussions? Well, it depends. That’s the essence of the National Labor Relations Board’s most recent report on social media. But the Jan. 25 paper, which follows a similar report issued last August, drives home some important practice points for employment lawyers.

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Social media a game-changer in litigation (access required)

Facebook is the new smoking gun. In Spokane, Wash., police use a thief’s posted video showing suspected stolen loot as evidence against him. In Suffolk County, N.Y., a judge admits photos and messages posted by a woman claiming to be homebound as a result of injuries from a defective office chair, showing her active and on vacation. And in divorce cases in courts around the country, postings are being offered to support adultery claims.

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Google Plus: The next big thing for small law firms? (access required)

Some law firm marketing gurus are going gaga over Google+ (Google Plus), the latest social media platform. Even though it’s only been out for a few months, Google+ is already generating a heated debate over whether it’s the next big thing for small law firms. The main reason for the excitement is the fact that it’s not just another start-up. With over a billion searches on Google every month, and millions of users of gmail and other Google services, the potential if these powers are combined is enormous.

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Preserving social media communications for e-discovery (access required)

As more and more individuals and businesses participate in social media, the amount of litigation-related information on sites like Facebook and Twitter is rising. For lawyers, these sites can be an electronic discovery gold mine – or they can be the downfall of a case. How can lawyers ensure that social media communications are preserved for trial? Conversely, how can they stop their clients from putting themselves at risk of sanctions for deleting information?

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Coach’s Corner: Here comes the judge – online

During the past decade the Internet has created ethics dilemmas that lawyers and bar associations could never have imagined before. Thanks to websites, blogs and social networks, lawyers have a virtually unlimited presence. They are often governed in their online conduct by the rules of jurisdictions where they have never set foot, though one would normally conclude that receiving an e-mail from anyone anywhere in the world does not create a lawyer/client relationship.

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