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Parents can secretly tape child’s calls, court rules (access required)


The South Carolina Homeland Security Act generally prohibits electronic eavesdropping on a conversation unless at least one party has given consent. But parents can often give legal consent on behalf of their minor children. This raised an intriguing question for the state courts: To what extent can children be used, without their knowledge, as tools of parental espionage?

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Supreme Court kills low-vote overrides of vetoes (access required)

COLUMBIA (AP) — The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that legislators can no longer override a governor’s veto with a handful of votes, striking down decades of tradition. The state high court ruled last week that the practice of letting local legislators decide the fate of a bill designed to solely affect their district is unconstitutional. The court says the two-thirds majority needed to override a veto applies to a quorum in each chamber, not a local delegation.

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High court orders judge to recalculate insurer’s liability  (access required)

An insurance company which provided coverage for a Myrtle Beach condo community may be responsible only for a portion of structural damage that unfolded over the course of years, the South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled. The court wrestled with how to apply the term “occurrence” to slow-motion water damage resulting from shoddy construction. Ultimately, the court adopted a formula for “dividing the loss among insurers… where proof of the actual property damage distribution is not available.” Attorneys involved in the case predict that the decision will help clarify what builders get in the way of coverage when insurance policies are negotiated.

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