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In the court of public opinion (access required)


  An esteemed criminal defense attorney once told Lawyers Weekly that some of the best work he’s done for clients has been on the front end of investigations, preventing arrests from happening in the first place. Joe Cheshire of Raleigh, ...

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The Troll-bert Report (access required)

Todd Kincannon, the South Carolina bar’s most infamous Twitter troll, is back on social media and has resumed making egregiously offensive online comments. This time it was fellow South Carolinian Stephen Colbert welcoming Kincannon back to the national spotlight. During ...

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The art of reducing genomics to 140 characters (access required)


Reading Daniel Vorhaus’ Twitter feed is a bit like downing an espresso: It makes you feel smarter, fast. The biotech industry newsletter FierceBiotech (fiercebiotech.com) recently ranked Vorhaus 11th on its list of the “top 50 voices in the biotech Twittersphere.” He was the only lawyer on its list.

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Beware the sharp-tongued Barrister


If you’re a South Carolina attorney looking for someone to follow on Twitter, our first recommendation would be one (or all) of South Carolina Lawyers Weekly’s fine stable of reporters. But a next suggestion might be @SCBarrister, an anonymous attorney known for his hatred of meetings, associates and opposing counsel, and his love of bourbon, sarcasm and firing people.

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