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Attorneys – Discipline – Public Reprimand – Unauthorized Practice of Law – Suspension – Health Issues – Inaccurate Affidavit (access required)

In re Gray Following respondent’s suspension from the practice of law, he continued practicing law to clear up a matter for one client. He also filed an affidavit stating, “I had no cases at the time of my definite suspension….” When this inaccuracy was brought to his attention, respondent promptly corrected it.

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Real Property – Equitable Subrogation – Bankruptcy – Liens – Foreclosure – Unauthorized Practice of Law (access required)

Matrix Financial Services Corp. v. Frazer 1. Equitable subrogation is not a remedy available to a lender that refinances the original debt owed to it. 2. A lender may not enjoy the benefit of equitable remedies when that lender failed to have attorney supervision during the loan process as required by state law.

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