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With law degree’s luster dimmed, a look at how data supports our new view of the JD (access required)

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The news concerning the job prospects of law school graduates has been relentlessly downbeat, filled with horror stories suggesting that grads at some schools are more likely to get jobs as store clerks than law clerks. But law schools take stock of the career fortunes of alumni only one time, nine months after graduation. After that, you’ll get plenty of anecdotes, but a paucity of hard numbers—and, given the state of the economy, law schools have little incentive to go looking for any.

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Fired prison guard struggles with ‘public policy’ case to get her job back (access required)


South Carolina law is generally rather unfavorable to employees who have been fired: the state’s “at will” doctrine allows an employer to fire an employee for any reason, or no reason at all. But the state recognizes one exception to the rule, the “public policy exception,” when a firing would violate a clear mandate of public policy. Since it is the only concession recognized by law, it’s a popular target for ex-employees suing for wrongful termination.

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More schools, fewer students (access required)

The laws of supply and demand may apply to legal education after all. Eight years ago, over 100,000 students applied to law school nationally, but this year, in the face of relentlessly downbeat news about the employment prospects for lawyers, applications have cratered. Only about 67,000 applicants are expected—but the number of accredited law schools is higher than ever.

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