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Court awards $9 million to murder victim’s heirs (access required)

The heirs of a man who was gunned down in Charleston have won a $9 million bench verdict against his imprisoned killer. Collecting that kind of money from a prisoner serving a 20-year sentence will be difficult, if not impossible, but the verdict represented a satisfying moral victory, said John L. Duffy III, an attorney for the victim’s 4-year-old son and his mother, Shonda Gennings.

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Criminal Practice – Jury Charge – Voluntary Manslaughter – Murder & Self-Defense (access required)

State v. Niles Defendant presented evidence that, during a drug deal gone wrong, the dealer started shooting at the car defendant was in and defendant pulled out his own gun and shot back, fatally wounding the dealer. The circuit court should have instructed the jury, not only on murder and self-defense, but also on voluntary manslaughter.

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