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God unhappy with Wal-Mart (access required)

A 34-year-old Camden woman has been arrested after allegedly driving her car into a Wal-Mart building and telling police and bystanders that she was on a mission from God. Security video footage reportedly showed Crystal Marshall ram Wally World with ...

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Customer’s Wrong (access required)

Statistically speaking, the customer can’t always be right, can he? According to a recent Utah Supreme Court ruling, they are not. Especially those who enter the store with the less-than-honorable intention of shoplifting and threatening workers. Five former employees challenged ...

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Attention, Walmart shoppers (access required)

In the long and distinguished history of American jurisprudence, we’re confident that only once has a retailer been able to dodge a liability action in part by successfully arguing that it had generously spread Snake-A-Way around the premises.

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