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Head-on crash leads to $3.5M settlement 

By: Heath Hamacher//May 4, 2021

Head-on crash leads to $3.5M settlement 

By: Heath Hamacher//May 4, 2021


A  man who lost a leg after a head-on collision in Pickens County has settled a claim for $3.2 million, and a second person injured in the crash has agreed to a $300,000 settlement, their attorney reports. 

Roy Willey IV of the Anastopoulo Law Firm in Charleston reports that his clients, whose names were withheld pursuant to a confidentiality agreement, were returning home from dinner when the defendant crossed the centerline and crashed into their vehicle. The plaintiff traveling in the passenger seat suffered a leg injury so severe that the leg had to be amputated. The driver’s injuries were relatively minor, Willey said.  


At the time of the crash, two small dogs were also in the vehicle. One of them was killed, Willey said.  

Other details about the case, including the identities of the defendants and their attorneys, were withheld pursuant to the confidentiality agreement. Willey said that the defense had contended that the accident was unavoidable, or the result of an intervening act or event. The defense also argued the plaintiffs had the last clear chance to avoid the accident but failed to do so. 

“I believe their position was that my clients were attempting to turn in front of [the defendant] and were in her lane,” Willey said. “But I am not 100 percent sure, honestly, because there is no evidence of that.” 

The plaintiffs were also represented by Alexis McCumber, Eric Poulin, and Matthew Foss, also of the Anastopoulo Law Firm. 


Amount: $3.5 million 

Injuries alleged: Leg amputation 

Case name: Withheld 

Court: Pickens County Circuit Court 

Case No.: Withheld 

Date of settlement: February 2021 

Attorneys for plaintiff: Roy Willey IV, Alexis McCumber, Eric Poulin, and Matthew Foss of the Anastopoulo Law Firm in Charleston 

Attorney for defendant: Withheld 

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