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The old switcheroo? (access required)

Without opining, Sidebar knows that Veterans Affairs hospitals are notorious for less-than-stellar service. But one of the group’s latest flubs might just end up costing it more than a reputation hit. According to a lawsuit filed by Navy veteran Eric ...

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Polar bear-tex (access required)

Give the North Carolina Zoo credit for trying. During the miserable cold snap that has given the Carolinas snow, ice, freezing rain and temperatures that border on obscene, the NC Zoo, based in Asheboro, figured, hey, come see our polar ...

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It’ll claw your eye out (access required)

If you didn’t get that grizzly bear or African lion you wanted for Christmas, it’s too late now. A new state law took effect Jan. 1 that prohibits South Carolinians who are not zookeepers from keeping dangerous wild animals as ...

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Move…get out the way (access required)

A former Columbia Fire Department captain who was axed after pecking out and posting a few ill-advised Facebook remarks is suing the city, alleging that he is the victim of racial discrimination. But James Morris, who says the government can’t ...

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You Scrooge, you lose (access required)

If you read Lawyers Weekly, you know that The (Rock Hill) Herald is fertile hunting ground for Sidebar fodder, with myriad legal issues reported in York, Chester, and Lancaster counties weekly. The season of giving is in full swing, and ...

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