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The perpetual company (access required)

Alexander A. Bove Jr. and Melissa Langa BridgeTower Media Newswires A first generation business owner experiences immense pride in taking a moment here and there to observe what the owner has built for his or her family and the business’s ...

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Creating unique value propositions (access required)

What’s a value proposition? It’s what you are offering to provide in exchange for your fee. Your value proposition is your service, product or the experience of working with you. It’s not about your personal brand. It’s not about how ...

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Trials and the movies (access required)

  Movies and television shows featuring trials and other courtroom procedures have always been popular, and it is not surprising that, with the advent of modern technology, they have found their way into law school classrooms. In today’s world, just ...

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5 things clients want from firms for free (access required)

BY MATT PRINN BridgeTower Media Newswires In most requests for proposals that deal with the overall client-law firm relationship (as opposed to a matter-specific RFP), you will see questions asking law firms about “value-added” services. By value-added, they mean free. ...

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Generation Z: These kids are alright (access required)

  Tired: Pontificating about how the legal profession will possibly cope with the scourge of Millennial lawyers. Inspired: Pontificating about how the legal profession will possibly cope with the scourge of “Generation Z” lawyers. Yes, the days of people complaining ...

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Another day, another survey (access required)

Should you ever get tired of law practice, you can always get a job as an internet survey interviewer. Clearly there is a lot of work available in that field. My email is replete with press releases commemorating the various ...

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