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Status update (access required)

A CLE program titled “War of the Roses in the Digital Age,” put on last month in Greensboro, included the presentation of a fake Facebook page that surprised attendees with its breadth of information and authentic feel. Family lawyer Ketan Soni had asked an attorney who would be at the seminar for permission to impersonate her virtually, using only information found online. Soni, who practices with Hull & Chandler in Charlotte, said the exercise illustrated how vulnerable clients’ virtual identities are to spouses with bad intentions.

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Slightly different bench, hugely different ruling (access required)

For more than 30 years, family courts in South Carolina considered the needs of children caught in the middle of a divorce when awarding college expenses as part of a support order. But in April 2010, the court abruptly reversed itself, giving priority to the rights of parents over the needs of their children, ruling in Webb v. Sowell that parents, divorced or not, had no obligation to pay college expenses and that the courts had no authority to make such an award.

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