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A small gamble

March Madness is here. The time where college basketball fanatics, casual fans, and the wholly disinterested gather in office break rooms to drop off their tournament prognostications and a couple of dollars for the pot. But before you fill out ...

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Tort/Negligence – Unjust Enrichment – Unfair Trade Practices – Gambling Losses – Video Poker – In Pari Delicto – Defense Abrogated (access required)

Proctor v. Whitlark & Whitlark Based on statutes originally adopted as part of the Statutes of Anne, and an S.C. Supreme Court decision from a time when video poker gambling was legal, the court rules that the defense of in pari delicto has been abrogated with regard to losses sustained through illegal gambling.

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Administrative – Gambling – Game of Skill – Speedmaster S/N (access required)

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division v. 1-Speedmaster S/N 00218 The respondent machine is a game of skill and does not fall within the statutory definition of an illegal gaming device. We affirm the circuit court's decision, which affirmed the magistrate's finding that a Speedmaster machine confiscated from a convenience store was not an illegal gaming device under S.C. Code Ann. § 12-21-2710.

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