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After tort reform, support costs of litigation get a hard look from lawyers (access required)

In anticipation of state legislators passing tort reform, Mark McGrath and his law partner, George Podgorny, started reviewing medical malpractice cases for filing about eight months ago. With the new tort reform law taking effect Oct. 1, the triage of what to fast-track and what to drop continues unabated at McGrath Podgorny in Research Triangle Park, N.C... Every new case coming in is probed: How many medical experts are needed to present the case? How much research will be required? What’s the chance of settling the case or winning a jury verdict if it goes to trial? Is the patient at the center of the case a child or a nursing home resident?

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Web-based technology setting next stage for trial preparation (access required)

Technology has revolutionized many parts of the legal industry, and trial presentation is no exception. Not long ago, hiring a trial presentation company was necessary for even the simplest needs due to high costs and the expertise required to operate software programs. Times have certainly changed. Now, myriad do-it-yourself solutions have hit the market, Microsoft PowerPoint is widely popular and hardware costs continue to shrink, all making it more feasible for law firms and corporate counsel to craft homespun solutions for their trial presentation needs.

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Short-term legal teams offer solos and small firms help when they need it (access required)

Solo practitioners or small firm attorneys facing an upcoming trial, appeal, mediation or other major project may feel like they are heading into battle alone, particularly if opposing counsel has the benefit of a larger firm's support staff. But solos and small practices can put together legal teams - even for short-term tasks - that can rival their opponents', all without breaking the bank. "I hired three full-time people to help prepare for trial," said New York solo practitioner John F. Schutty, who recently represented a client who had been wrongly convicted of rape and served more than 20 years in prison before being exonerated in a civil trial against New York City.

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