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The First 48

This Sidebar reporter recently spoke to South Carolina Department of Corrections officials about how the agency is working to prepare inmates for their return to society. But despite the best efforts of any agency employing any methodology, statistically speaking, not every offender is cut out to roam freely among the rest of us.

And apparently, some of them aren’t fit to roam South Carolina’s prison yards.

According to the Associated Press, SCDC has sent 48 of its problem-child prisoners to a private institution more than 600 miles away. The Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility in Tutwiler, Mississippi, houses more than 2,600 inmates—many of whom reportedly just do not play well with others—from across the country and is now home to these South Carolinians who “have caused major problems” during their stay in local facilities.

The inmates come from prisons across the Palmetto State, the AP wrote, and corrections officials would not say why they were shipped out. We can assume only that somehow they failed to shape up.

The inmates were relocated June 19 and 21, officials said, citing security concerns for notifying the inmates’ families of their move only after the fact.

This reporter can only imagine how well that news went over, as a quick Google search shows that Tutwiler is a nine-hour drive from Columbia. Further, according to Wikipedia, there are no hotels in the rural county, so planning visitation is going to be more like planning a vacation. Well, kind of.

Perhaps there’s a conversation to be had between family members and those inmates. This reporter understands that prison rules are strict and staying on the straight and narrow while incarcerated is no small feat. For violators, sanctions typically range from loss of telephone privileges to solitary confinement.  

Since we don’t know the identities of the excommunicated inmates, we don’t know what they allegedly did to rile the powers that be.

But that said, man…how on Earth does one manage to get kicked out of prison?

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