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Mar 20, 2023

Employee termination best practices: Exit interviews, final paychecks

by Missy Oakley and Becky Zuschlag BridgeTower Media Newswires Exit interviews are a very useful tool and can provide valuable information to an employer to help avoid future claims and improve employee retention. They are also the perfect time to provide a departing employee with their final paycheck in compliance with Oregon’s tight timelines. Exit […]

Sep 21, 2018

Contract – Termination – Arbitration – Choice of Law

Plaintiff subcontracted the construction of a swimming pool to defendant. The parties’ contract included an arbitration clause and stated that it was governed by North Carolina law. After plaintiff terminated the contract, it filed a demand for arbitration, seeking damages for defendant’s failure to complete work under the contract. The arbitrator determined defendant owed plaintiff […]

Jul 20, 2018

Labor & Employment – University Professor – Termination – Assault & Battery

The plaintiff-professor alleges that (1) he patted the defendant-dean on the back to get his attention, (2) the dean accused him of assault and battery, (3) plaintiff was recommended for termination, (4) the university Promotion and Tenure Committee voted unanimously against the termination recommendation, and (5) the university terminated plaintiff anyway. Plaintiff’s allegations sufficiently s[...]

Apr 23, 2018

Labor & Employment – Termination – Negligence Claim – Workers’ Compensation Act – Exclusivity Provision

Where plaintiff is seeking damages for non-physical injuries including “pain and suffering, mental and emotional distress, shock and humiliation, and stress and anxiety” arising out of her termination from defendant’s employ, she is alleging psychological harm. Although she argues that her termination did not occur in an unusual or extraordinary manner so as to bring […]

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