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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property – Trademark Infringement – Attorneys – Civil Practice – Preliminary Injunction – Appeals – Stay Motions – Arbitration (access required)

Because the court’s preliminary injunction does not impede the defendant-attorney’s ability to practice law—it only prohibits him from infringing on his father’s firm’s trademarks—the injunction does not implicate South Carolina Rule of Professional Conduct 5.6. The court grants plaintiff’s motion ...

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Intellectual Property – Trademark – State & Federal Marks – Episcopal Church – Civil Practice – Statute of Limitations – Claim & Issue Preclusion (access required)

In a related state-court case, the South Carolina Supreme Court issued a split decision, with Justices Pleicones and Hearn ruling to reverse the trial court regarding the state registered trademarks, and Chief Justice Beatty, in the controlling opinion, leaving the ...

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